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Fairy Wing Hair Sticks

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About The Sapphire Sun

I remember when I first watched Lord of the Rings I wished there were elves that looked like me. My love for fantasy grew over time, as did my love for making art. I experiemented with different business models until I finally landed on one that made the most sense. "The Sapphire Sun", born from my love for the ethereal realms and all of the beings within it. I vowed to make my brand inclusive, so that people that look like me can finally see themselves represented in the genres they love. Every piece comes from my imagination, and with each new item this world expands.

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The Ring of Fire Waist Beads Collection

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How to Style Your Hairsticks

Styling is easy!

Styling your fairy wing hair sticks is a breeze! Simply tie some or all of your hair into a pony tail or bun and slide in the stick. For extra security slide the stick into your srunchie or secure the bottom of your wing with a bobby pin so it stays in place. Then stack as many as you like! Don't forget, your wings are reversible, so if you want to show off the holographic side feel free!

@ebonyfairyy @thesapphiresun sent me these and they're the most perfect item ever! go check out her shop! #fairy #fairywings #hairsticks #magical #etheral ♬ My Love - Florence + The Machine