About The Sapphire Sun

Fantasy is more than just a genre of literature—it's seeps into every aspect of our lives! Here fantasy meets individuality, for everyone of every size, color, and age. Take a glimpse into a world that exists beneath our own though jewelry, accessories, and art. In this world everyone's story matters, and our goal is to share those stories through self-expression and a little bit of fairy dust. 

The Sapphire Sun is a single black woman owned shop with each item being made by one set of hands. I specialize in designing, creating, and selling jewelry and accessories for the ethereal at heart. I focus on high quality items using natural gemstones and glass.  My goal is to create beautiful pieces that are unique, meaningful and bring your daydreams to life. Inclusivity is a central point in my brand because I believe everyone deserves to be represented. Therefore, I strive to feature models that are as diverse as my customers.

The Sapphire Sun was established in 2021.

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