Oshun Sunflower Tiara

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This crystal crown/ tiara is made for the Orisha Oshun (Ochún, Oxúm), the goddess of beauty, fertility, femininity, and much more. This tiara came to be after she came to me in a dream and asked for it to be made. The design was up to me, but it must have citrine. I decided to do a tiara in the shape of a sunflower because that is the flower she loves and is associated with.

Wear this tiara anytime you feel called to, as it it will sit over your third eye and allow you to channel the energy of Oshun as well as your inner goddess. The citrine featured as nuggets in this tiara is said to help with depression, motivation, self-esteem, creativity, self-confidence, and optimism. Amber is said to clear depression, alleviate stress, help with creative self-expression, and bring wisdom along with many other healing properties. This tiara also features orange glass and cowrie shells to add to the aesthetic.

This tiara ties behind the head with a ribbon to keep it secure and in place, which makes it perfect to wear during ceremonies and rituals. Have no fear bending over to light candles as she will stay in place.

This tiara is made to order and will ship from 2-6 weeks.