Neon Sprite Fairy Wing Hair Sticks - Limelight Green

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Choose your neon fairy wing hair sticks so you can glow under the light of night! 

These iridescent and neon fairy wing hair sticks are the perfect accessory for your next music festival or rave! 

The hair sticks are poseable, stackable, and reversable with a neon glitter front and holographic back. You can build a variety of looks by stacking or mixing different colors. Use your imagination to build a custom look each time you wear them by flipping or positioning them in different ways. Simply secure your hair in a ponytail or bun (the more the marrier!) and depending on the position these wings can sit atop your head in various positions every time you wear them! No look ever has to be the same. The neon glitter on the inside adds another dimension to these wings so they glow at every angle.

If you're looking for an accessory that will be versatile enough to wear at parties as well as on Halloween night, this is it. There are three metal color options: gold, silver, and rose gold—so whether you're going for fairy-tale vibes or something more rock star-inspired, there's an option here for everyone!


Processing time is 3-5 business days . This item is made to order so each set will be unique :) If you would like a custom pair or a rush please feel free to email me at